Habitat for Artists: out of the studio, into the community

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Habitat for Artists: out of the studio, into the community


Ever wonder what was going on in that little shed out in front of WAAM all summer?

Well, we partnered with a collective (HFA) to bring artists out into the community to collaborate with…YOU! Last summer, 13 different artists did, and lots of amazing things happened: portraits, leaf paintings, story sharing, and a great deal of fun. A win-win, for the artists and everyone who took part, young and old.

Here’s what Barbara Loisch, a 2018 HFA participant said:

“It encouraged me to do more art that is participatory; to have the courage to engage with people through art as a starting point…. It was an important lesson for me in learning that the ‘human factor’ is much more important for my work than
accolades visible in the CV.”

HFA studios are made from predominantly recycled or reclaimed material and are reused for each new iteration of the project. Since its creation in 2008, HFA has partnered with more than 20 different organizations (including schools) and involved more than over 50 artists. Since the first collection of studios on a small patch of grass in a parking lot, HFA studios have been installed in a variety of places, including an art park, a scenic park, an environmental education park, a farm, and expos and festivals in New York City.

The Woodstock Artists Association & Museum (WAAM) believes that promoting children’s access to the arts creates and enhances learning and builds stronger communities. Our Education Program, now in its 13th year, serves the mission of the organization “to foster art education through programs that enrich and engage the community.” All school programs are planned in collaboration with teachers and administrators to design exciting, participatory, hands-on art experiences that are offered free to the public, our community, and local schools.

Watch for more YES Stories of Success as we share stories of the vibrant and vital work that our Art for Education Program brings to our schools and community.

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