WAAM Needs You.

WAAM has always been a member-based organization, and that’s why it has been successful and lasted for 100 years.

Over the years, members have stepped up as volunteers to help fill the gaps between what the staff has time to do, and what needs to get done. Our current volunteers are a great team of dedicated members, who have fun at WAAM, get to know what happens behind the scenes, and really make a difference.

Now, in an effort to keep costs under control but increase programming, we need more volunteers to help us with a lot of important tasks.

Being a member of WAAM is unlike most arts organizations. WAAM provides its members with the opportunity to show, and sell their work. WAAM is there when members get into financial difficulty, and most of all, WAAM is your advocate for the continuation of the arts in our culture. And right now, that’s a big task.

So, please put aside some time to add your skills and knowledge to the WAAM team. Tell us about your skills and background and choose from a list of volunteer positions we need filled.

As a volunteer, you ensure WAAM’s future. Please donate a little of your time to our cause.

For more information or further questions about volunteering at WAAM contact us:

Thank you!