The second edition of UPSTATE ART WEEKEND incorporates sixty one sculpture parks, museums, galleries, artists’ studios, residencies, public artworks and creative projects situated either side of the Hudson River between Garrison and Chatham. This three-day self-directed, accessible event connects tourists and locals alike, with art and the outdoors, celebrating the cultural vibrancy of Upstate New York.



John Cage, 433
Performed by Peter Dougan and Andrew Farnsworth
Hosted by Norm Magnusson
Sunday, August 29 | 6:00pm

On August 29, 1952, in a concert produced by WAAM to support its “Artist’s Fund,” the pianist David Tudor performed the world premier of John Cage’s 4’33”, a piece in 3 movements during which the musician or musicians do NOT play. The piece took the world by storm and is considered to be a masterpiece of minimalist art, Buddhist expression and ego-less creation. WAAM has been commemorating the world premier of this piece, on August 29, for the last 10 years, featuring locally and internationally renowned musicians. This year, host Norm Magnusson will be joined by Peter Dougan and Andrew Farnsworth performing the Cage piece and, later in the program, a few pieces from their 25 years of creative collaboration. Cage scholar and biographer Kay Larson will once again speak on Cage, 4’33”, Buddhism and creative expression.

Weather permitting, this event will be held outside in WAAM’s backyard, so please bring your own seating. In the event of inclement weather this event will move inside and attendance will be limited to 25.

This event is free.



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Founded in 2020 by Helen Toomer of STONELEAF RETREAT to celebrate the cultural vibrancy of Upstate New York, UPSTATE ART WEEKEND connects people and places, building a community that not only visits for the weekend, but explores the Hudson Valley throughout the year.