Small Works: Largeness Writ Small

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Image: Margaret Still, The Delta, The Trucks, 2021, Oil paint on wood panel, 12″ x 12″.

Small Works: Largeness Writ Small

May 20–July 4, 2022
Reception: Saturday, May 28 | 4-6pm


For this exhibition of small works, juror Buzz Spector selected works that explore how medium and technique impact the perception of scale. Largeness Writ Small proves that even the grandest ideas can be portrayed in small format. Juror Buzz Spector is an artist, writer, and art editor of december magazine.

Fern Apfel

Eric Banks
Bob Barry
Dawn Bisio
Virginia Bradley
Nancy Campbell
Karen Capobianco
Maxine Davidowitz
Mary Elwyn
Staats Fasoldt
Deborah Freedman
Angela Gaffney-Smith
Ashley Garrett
Katherine Grabowski Clark
Elizabeth Hill
Roxie Johnson
Paula Kagan
Mimi Kern
Carole Kunstadt

Ward Lamb
Deirdre Laughton
Annie Lewis
Maureen Lohan-Bremer
Iain Machell
Chris Malcomson
Dan McCormack
Alicia Mikles
Tony Moore
Susan Phillips
Betsey Regan
Susanna Ronner
Richard Scherr
William Scholl
Amy Silberkleit
Christopher Skura
Margaret Still
Linda Stillman
Angela Witmore
Brian Wood
Mimi Young

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