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Jack Burnham

Popular sculpture, as it stands today, tends towards the tried and true avenues of metal and wood, of materials generally associated with “mens work”. My work attempts to create a nostalgic counter to this, with soft rabbits, warm blankets, and a distinct touch of the brighter and more femininely coded palettes and techniques. The joy and texture of childhood should not only be translated into art, but also brought into spaces where it can be engaged as both something playful and meaningful.

Joseph Kattou

Joseph is a multimedia artist who uses a range of mediums to explore cultural identities and to shine a light on political and social issues effecting people of different minority groups. Through Sculpture, he explores his biracial identity and the rich culture of Latinos, and more specifically the Puerto Rican diaspora, while bringing attention to a multitude of social issues. Through the lens of Photography he strives to bridge cultural and international gaps by allowing the audience to see sides of people and places in the world in a more personal light.

Arielle Ponder

What shapes our destiny? Is it the environment, our past, fate or simply chaos? The micro vs. the macro so many systems are at play that shape a single individual. I am not the first or the last to look up at the stars and question why I am here. Despite the obstacles seeds grow. Art is a practice to educate oneself to freedom. The freedom of perspective. I desperately want to hold the beautiful in the day and I try to capture that while meditating on both the darkness and the light of our lives.

SUNY New Paltz Sculpture BFA Seniors

September 1 – October 7, 2018

GALLERY TALK, Wednesday, Sept. 26, 4 pm


Jack Burnham  |  Joseph Kattou  |  Julian MacKinnan  |  Arielle Ponder

Julian MacKinnan

Julian Mackinnon creates minimal works in both sculpture and painting, with a heavy emphasis on formal elements and visual theory.

For the Education program’s contribution to the Radius 50 show, we invited students to contribute work as they embark on their final year of college.

Our hope was to give students an opportunity to plan and implement a show in a professional setting as they prepare to enter the art world after graduation. Our thanks to their professor, Michael Asbill for connecting WAAM to his students.

Gallery talk with the Senior BFA students from SUNY New Paltz Sculpture Program and their professor Michael Asbil. Meet the four students who are participating in the Radius 50 show as they discuss their work and process.

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