Tracy Phillips – Cresent Moon

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Tracy Phillips – Cresent Moon

Cresent Moon
Oil on panel
5″ x 5″ (unframed)

“My paintings explore themes/subjects that are a part of an ever-expanding iconography. I engage both figurative and abstract imagery that hold in common narratives that touch on psychological themes. During my last 3-4 years in Brooklyn my paintings began to explore themes related to the environment. I feel a deep sorrow regarding human impact and inevitable destruction of life on this planet. My earlier work around this theme was more naturalistic, related to climate change and extreme weather events. The work over the last couple of years, takes this theme into a future when people are no longer here. In these imagined landscapes I engage the notion of earth’s eventual regeneration. Prior to moving my studio to the Catskills in 2015, I spent almost 40 years in Brooklyn where I developed my painting practice. My work has been shown in a number of solo and group exhibitions locally, nationally and internationally. I studied Fine Art at Parsons School of Design, graduating in 1983” – Tracy Phillips

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