Susanna Ronner – In Quietude #29

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Susanna Ronner – In Quietude #29

In Quietude #29
Monotype Collage
7″ x 5″ (unframed)

“Thanks to designer/artist, Milton Glaser, in 2017, I discovered Monotypes. I found a new freedom in printmaking, which rekindled my early roots as an artist. A life long career as a professional graphic designer, honed under the wing of renowned designers, complemented this new medium and creative passion. I approach my work with a cultivated eye, informed from a lifetime of visual exploration.  I’ve come to recognize that my visual work reflects the role that art, dance and music has had in my life — how disparate pieces dance around, bringing one’s eye to specific spots in relation to others in a constant round of energetic connection. I approach each piece as an improvisation — with trust and curiosity. This piece is part of my ‘In Quietude’ series, working with collage during this time of isolation.” – Susanna Ronner

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