Susan Phillips – Graffiti, NYC (1869)

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Graffiti, NYC (1869)
Digital Archival Print (limited edition of 8, unframed)
20 x 16 inches

Phillips has been photographing graffiti for over 20 years.. Usually she studies the whole entity and then gets closer to the area that she wants to focus on. Graffiti offers information, unintended composition, and fluid design. The challenge is to pare it down to one, dynamic “powerful punch”. Torn, pasted over, scribbled upon surfaces require the artist to both study the whole, as well as the varied, component parts, in order to select which elements to photograph. Phillips capture the portion that speaks to me, prior to its next random rearrangement.` For “A Different Kind of Now”, she decided to get even closer than usual, and tighten the structure.

In general, Phillips searches for the aesthetic possibilities in mundane things that are often overlooked by people rushing by; that which one has seen/not seen a million times. She hopes to transcend the “ordinary” of the commonplace, and afford the willing viewer an opportunity to see the familiar in a fresh way. 

The shipping cost of the piece, which is $20, will be invoiced separately 


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