Natalie Wargin – Honeysuckle and Hawk

Filed in by on November 25, 2020

Natalie Wargin – Honeysuckle and Hawk

Honeysuckle and Hawk
Acrylic on panel
8″ x 10″¬†(framed dimensions 12″ x 14″)

“I am a nature and landscape painter based in Cottekill, New York. My paintings are narratives, each telling a story of the Hudson Valley landscape, focusing especially on the birds and animals that cross my path daily. These encounters make me feel a part of the wild nature that surrounds me. Following a move from Chicago to upstate New York I discovered a completely different and surprising environment. Concrete and high-rises gave way to woodland and farmland and mountains. The connection I feel to my new home and to all the creatures moving around me not only places me firmly in the wide world but has also taught me to open my eyes and connect. I feel a kinship with nature. The Hudson Valley landscape has given this to me. This is what I paint.” – Natalie Wargin

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