Joyce Washor – Comeau Property #1

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Comeau Property #1
Watercolor on Yupo Paper (unframed)
4.5 x 3.25 inches

“These landscape watercolor paintings on Yupo paper came about as a direct result of the pandemic. Since I had cancelled teaching my watercolor classes I had more time to devote to my own painting. I had known about Yupo paper – a paper used by artists for oil, acrylic and watercolor made of plastic. It is nonabsorbent  which makes the paint slip and slide and features very little control. Somehow it came across my field of vision- probably different artists on FaceBook. It took awhile, as it usually does when venturing into unknown territory, but eventually I actually got at least some of the paint to stay where I thought it should and other shapes manifested that were pleasing. Colors are brighter which pushed my color usage so I was happy. Maybe the process reflects what we all had to contend with at the beginning of the pandemic- learning to navigate a new normal and being flexible enough to go with the flow.” – Joyce Washor

The shipping cost of the piece, which is $20, will be invoiced separately 



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