Ekaterina Khromin – COVID-19

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Heat pressured medium, metallic paint, sculpted Surface, canvas
53 x 79 inches

“During Perestroika we had our first chance to look behind the Iron Curtain and start seeing the world. Our first trip to New York was in 1990 when I was invited to have an exhibition at Nachamkin Gallery on Madison Ave. Introduction to American Contemporary Art was a real cultural shock to me. I was paralyzed by my new experience. One thing became very clear to me – I had to develop my own language of art if I wanted to speak as an artist again. And the Synergism method was born. By analyzing and dissecting  different types of objects I create base-relief compositions and employ a combination of traditional art methods, such as drawing, sculpture, painting, and collage to bring unique works of art into being. The word that describes the nature of my art best is ‘Synergism’ – when the sum of the created art system in an image is greater than the sum of its separate parts.” – Ekaterina Khromin

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