Crystal Yang – Winter Stream

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Winter Stream
Mixed media on paper (unframed)
10 x 15 inches

“After the pandemic struck, I became more self-contained. Looking within myself more, while pondering the meaning of life, my landscape paintings gradually became more abstract with muted colors. As the outside world has become quieter, almost seeming to come to a halt, life is simplified. In my paintings ‘Winter Stream’ and ‘Autumn Stream,’ my mind is tuned in chord with the pulsation of nature. My life’s journey is now turned inward—toward temporal and spatial infinity. A cloaked little figure, which emerged from my Buddhist-theme works in 1996 and became a hallmark in my landscape paintings, can be found near the lower right corner of ‘A Forlorn Journey,’ and the center bottom of ‘Upstream.’Through the tiny figure, I (the artist) and the viewer become the lonely voyager, who treks in a vast winter landscape. In ‘Upstream’ the little person looks in the opposite direction of the river’s current, and becomes almost non-existent in the infinite natural scenery. Chinese Taoist Zhuangzi said: ‘Heaven covers all equally. Earth supports all equally.’ The earth is in the process of adjusting itself and human beings are just part of nature. As a sentient being, I seem insignificant within the vast universe. I go with the flow, while nature goes through its course.” – Crystal Yang

The shipping cost of the piece, which is $60, will be invoiced separately 


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