One Hundred

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April 6 – May 5, 2019

Reception: Saturday, April 13, 4 – 6 PM


JUROR: Rebecca Shea, Owner/Curator, RCS Fine Art

AWARDS: Ginnie Gardiner, Andree Ruellan Award
Honorable Mentions: Jose Gomez, Robert Kressler and Joyce Nicol

Ask 100 people to name the first thing the number 100 brings to mind and you might very well get 100 different answers. For example, one hundred can be thought of as a denomination of currency, an outstanding grade on a high school exam, the temperature of a very hot day, as the approximate upper limit of a human lifespan, or as a chronological blip in the cosmic space/time continuum. Artist members of WAAM might think of our Centennial. The works shown in this juried group exhibition express artists’ unique personal takes on the multiple meanings and associations summoned-up by the number one hundred.


J.H. Aronson
Jessica Baker
Jane Bloodgood-Abrams
Beth Boquel
Mernie Buchanan
Dot Chast
Anna Contes
Zenona Darrow
Maxine Davidowitz
Penny Dell
Fred Di Vito
Joan Ffolliott
Reidunn Fraas
Ginnie Gardiner
Jose Gomez
Katherine Gray
Laura Gurton
Peter Heller
Bennett Harris Horowitz
Annette Jaret
Laura Katz
John Kleinhans
Robert Kressler
Carole P. Kunstadt
Harriet Livathinos
Basha Maryanska
Dan McCormack
Alan McKnight
Elin Menzies
Jerry Michalak
Patty Mooney
Michelle Moran
Ann Morris
Ralph Moseley
Joyce Nicol
Sandra Nystrom
Carol Pepper-Cooper
Elise Pittelman
Betsey Regan
Karen Riedener
Susanna Ronner
Brad Schwebler
Peter Sheehan
Roberta Sickler
Janet Siskind
Carol Struve
Karl J. Volk

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