Michael Bogdanffy-Kriegh

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Dark Matter

Charles Ives’ Unanswered Question is an organizational metaphor for my work. The music has three parts; a continuous hum or “music of the spheres;” a poser of the question; a chorus trying, unsuccessfully, to answer.

My photographic practice is a meditative dipping into the hum, a stream of observations. From this stream I select, embellish (or not) and make assemblages which are not definitive questions or answers, just meditations on the hum.

The Dark Matter portfolio contemplates manifestation and dissolution within the primordial “soul-fabric” of the cosmos. My sense is that there is far more darkness than light, far more hidden from view than manifest, at every level of existence. We are as moths to the flame as we seek bits of illumination to orient ourselves in the vast sea of


Mr. Bogdanffy-Kriegh is a self trained photographer living and working in Beacon, NY. Formally trained as an architect, he made the decision to focus exclusively on his photography work in 2013. His work has been developed through a daily meditative photowalk and writing practice.

Michael’s work has appeared in numerous exhibitions, including the 4th & 5th Annual Group Shows at Davis Orton Gallery, juried by Paula Tognarelli, Executive Director of Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester MA; the Eighth Annual Self Published Photobook Exhibition, juried by Karen Davis, Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY and Paula Tognarelli; Welcome: Page by Page, an exhibit of artist books curated by Hannah Frieser at the Center for Photography in Woodstock and the 21st Annual Juried Show: Peter Urban Legacy Exhibition, juried by Jim Casper, at the Griffin Museum of Photography.

His work is in the permanent collection of the Griffin Museum. His photographs have been published in Shots Magazine issue #129 and issue #130, the annual portfolio edition and on The Eye of Photography.

2020 Solo Shows were selected by juror Kristen Dodge, owner and director of September Gallery in Hudson, NY

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