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December 1 – 30, 2018

Reception: Saturday, December 8, 4 – 6 PM


AWARDS: Sally Jacobs/Phoebe Towbin Award $500, Yasuo Kuniyoshi Award $500, Leilani Claire Award for Outstanding Photograph of the Year $100, Mary Wilson Award for Outstanding Landscape or Still Life $100, Robert Angeloch Award for Excellence in Printmaking $100

Awards will be distributed at the Opening Reception: Saturday, Dec. 8, 4 – 6 PM

WAAM members share the joy of the holiday season with works of fine art in a variety of media and genres. All works on view are offered at very reasonable prices and are framed and ready to hang. The WAAM Holiday Show is a great place for the sophisticated shopper to find the perfect gift and also a place to get away from the hubbub of the malls to simply enjoy the many uplifting works on view.

Exhibiting Artists

Jane Bloodgood-Abrams
Gail Albert
J.H. Aronson
Jerilynn Babroff
Bob Barnes
Bob Barry
Nancy Beranbaum
Miriam Bisceglia
Bobby Blitzer
Corliss Block
Elizabeth Broad
Cynthia Linden Carlaw
Mercedes Cecilia
Mari-Claire Charba
Dot Chast
Rosalyn Clark
Frank D’Astolfo
Maxine Davidowitz
Carol Davis
Penny Dell
ES DeSanna
Kay Disbrow
Fred Di Vito
Beth Dixon
Janet M. Lee Dow
Wendy Faris
Staats Fasoldt
Joan Ffolliott
Mira Fink
Dan Forlenza
J. Homer R. Foster
Reidunn Fraas
Lynne Friedman
Ginny Howsam Friedman
Angela Gaffney-Smith
Ginnie Gardiner
Gail Giles
Judy Glasel
Dan Goldman
Madlyn Goldman
Scott Goldwyn
Jose Gomez

F.B. Goodwin
Katherine Gray
Marjorie Grinnell
Laura Gurton
Peter Heller
Vivienne Hodges
Pat Horner
Bennett Horowitz
Michael Hunt
Hatti Iles
Laura Katz
Mary Katz
Pat Kelly
John Kleinhans
Peter Kricker
Linda Lauro-Lazin
Roger Lazoff
Lois Linet
Dan McCormack
Amy Rie McGuire
Alan McKnight
Susan McLurg
David McWhinnie
Sue Martin
Laura Martinez-Bianco
Maralyn Master
Barbara Masterson
Elin Menzies
Wilma Miller
Meredith Morabito
Susan Nagel
Vince Natale
Susan J. Neff
Paula Nelson
Zeev Willy Neumann
George J. Nicholson
Sandra Nystrom
Susan Asarian Nickerson
Maureen O’Sullivan
Suzanne Parker

Lynn Patterson
Carol Pepper-Cooper
Tracy Phillips
James Marshall Porter
Betsey Regan
Karen Riedener
Susanna Ronner
Sharon Rousseau
Lucette Runsdorf
Julia Russell
Thomas Sarrantonio
Sandra Scheuer
Robert Selkowitz
Mary Ann Sherman
Roberta Sickler
Susan Silverman
Janet Siskind
Susan Sprachman
Judy Stanger
Clara Steinzor
Eleanor Steffen
Carol Struve
Samantha Taylor
Carmela Tal-Baron
Robert Toyokazu Troxell
Marianne Tully
Barbara Velazquez
Karl J. Volk
Claudia Waruch
Joyce Washor
Karen Whitman
Marlene Wiedenbaum
Marcie Woodruff

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