Maria Kolodziej-Zincio: The Lost Holocaust-A Forgotten Odyssey

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Innocent, Encaustic: Beeswax, Pigment Oils and Photos 
printed on Rice Paper
Innocent, Encaustic: Beeswax, Pigment Oils and Photos printed on Rice Paper

February 4 – 26, 2017

February 4, 4-6 PM



Encaustic is an ancient form of art using molten beeswax, pigment oils and damar resin crystals. Along with painting, fusing, sculpting and layering I incorporate collage materials, photographs and found objects that are sometimes revealed and sometimes not.

My art is a revelation of many years of being an artist and my work has always been a response to those experiences that fill me with awe. I find the encaustic process to be a meditative one and my approach in working with this lush medium is often two-dimensional with the final effect being luminous, deep and dramatic.

The twenty piece photo encaustic documentary exhibit “The Lost Holocaust” portrays the journey of a young girl’s deportation from Eastern Poland in 1940 to a Siberian Labor Camp, her freedom and travels through Persia, across the Caspian Sea, then to Mexico and finally to resettlement in the United States to a farming community in upstate New York. It is a story I heard all my life and I wanted to capture it in art and to be the voice of millions who have been forgotten through the seams of time. No history books mention the plight of millions of Eastern Poles and Ukranians of all denominations who suffered under the Stalin regime.
What started as a persistent and vivid haunting memory of stories has become an extended visual exploration into documentation in an art form. “The Lost Holocaust” takes the viewer into a world that evokes powerful emotions and reflects on a time that history forgot. I invite you to join me in honoring all the victims during this time in History (WWII) and to honor those who have gone through other perils of war and are still going through genocide today in this very troubled world.

2017 Solo Show Artists

Juror: Susana Torruella Leval
Director Emerita El Museo del Barrio
Chair of the New York City Cultural Affairs Advisory Commission

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