Legacy: WAAM Active Members

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Legacy: Active Member Walls

February 2 – March 3, 2019

Reception: Saturday, February 9, 4 – 6 PM


John Kleinhans, Holland Foster Award

Ginnie Gardiner, Sheila Getty Bloodgood Award

What is the legacy of the Woodstock Artists Colony and of the art of our region in general? What aspects of art from the past do today’s WAAM Active Member artists cherish and how does this manifest in the work they do now? What do our contemporary artists see as their own artistic legacy? The answers to these and other related questions are embodied in the work on view. The Legacy exhibition is on view in both the Main Gallery and the Solo Gallery.

Complimenting the Active Members Exhibition in the Main Gallery are six highlighted Active Member artists in the Solo Gallery, revising the concept of the former Active Members Wall and featuring a selection of works by each of the six artists. 

Exhibiting Artists:

Mercedes Cecilia
Jose Gomez
Fred Di Vito
Gloria Mirsky
Maria Kolodziej-Zincio
Amy Rie McGuire

Exhibiting Artists

Trudi Abramson
Bob Barnes
Miriam Bisceglia
Bobby Blitzer
Beth Boquel
Joanna Borrero
Cynthia Linden Carlaw
Mercedes Cecilia
Mari-Claire Charba
Rosalyn  Z.Clark
Scott Clugstone
Lucille Colin
Anna Contes
Frank D’Astolfo
Maxine Davidowitz
Penny Dell
ES DeSanna
Janet M. Lee Dow
Staats Fasoldt
Mira Fink
Homer Foster
Ginnie Gardiner
Gail Giles
Judy Glasel
Scott Goldwyn
F.B. Goodwin
Barbara Graff
Katherine Gray
Calvin Grimm
Marjorie Grinnell
Peter Heller
Jeff Helmuth
Gina Dominique Hersey
Pat Horner
Hatti Iles
Laura Katz
Pat Kelly
John Kleinhans
Gretchen Langheld
Eric Lindbloom
Maralyn Master
Barbara Masterson
Dan McCormack
Amy  Rie McGuire
Alan McKnight
William Mead
Wilma Miller
Joy Moore
Meredith Morabito
Ralph Moseley
Susan Nagel
Vince Natale
Susan J.Neff
Paula Nelson
Ze’ev Willy Neumann
Joyce Nicol
Sandra Nystrom
Suzanne Parker
Lynn L. Patterson
Carol Pepper-Cooper
Tracy Phillips
Susan Phillips
Elise Pittelman
Betsey Regan
Karen Riedener
Susanna Ronner
Sharon Rousseau
Leah Rubenstein
Thomas Sarrantonio
Sandra Scheuer
Roberta Sickler
Amy Silberkleit
Janet Siskind
Judy Stanger
Eleanor Steffen
Clara Steinzor
Carol Struve
Karl J. Volk
Claudia Waruch
Joyce Washor
jd weiss

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