In the Classroom


We believe that promoting children’s access to the arts creates and enhances learning and builds stronger communities.  WAAM’s Education Program serves the mission of the organization “to foster art education through programs that enrich and engage the community.” Our outreach programming provides what is often the first point of contact for area youth with WAAM’s historic, landmark permanent collection and the contemporary artists in our region. Educating an audience that can connect meaningfully with art is fundamental to WAAM’s continued vision.

All programs are planned in collaboration with teachers and administrators to design exciting participatory hands on art experiences. The program begins with a 3 week residency in the art room creating work inspired by pieces from our collection. The work created in usually show in the YES Gallery, where the students have field trips to see their work and view all exhibits. During field trips students also are led in discussions about work on display and do a hands on art activity.

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” -Albert Einstein

For more information contact Tara Foley at 845-679-2940 x104 or email

ART for EDUCATION at WAAM is made possible in part by the generous support of the following funders:
Vivienne Hodges
Villchur Foundation
Rondout Savings Bank