• Exhibitions are open to all artists who reside within a 50 mile radius of Woodstock, NY.*
  • Artists may submit one work to each exhibition unless otherwise noted.
  • All media welcome.
  • *FAR+WIDE is open to all artists nationally.
  • Gallery commission is 40%.
  • Submission fee is $35 for non-members.
  • SIZE LIMIT for SMALL WORKS shows is 15 x 15 inches overall, or 24 inches overall for sculpture.
  • Artwork not selected for exhibition must be picked up on the Thursday following intake. Fees apply if artwork is left past this date. $5/per day

All artists residing within a 50 mile radius of Woodstock may submit work for juried Main Gallery exhibitions and 6 juried Small Works shows. The Active Members show is unjuried and open only to current WAAM Active Members. The Holiday Show is unjuried and open to current WAAM artist members (Active and Associate) only. There are 3 unjuried small works shows including one for WAAM Associate members. one for Active Members with last names beginning A-K, and one for Active Members L-Z. Non-members living within 50 miles of Woodstock, NY may pay a $35 non-refundable submission fee (per show) to submit art within the general guidelines stated above.

Jurying is done from actual works for juried Group Shows  and juried Small Works shows. The Far and Wide National, Radius 50, FOCUS shows, and Solo Show jurying are done online using Submittable software. All media are welcome. There are size limits for many Main Gallery shows which are listed in the exhibition calendar. Size limit for Small Works is 15×15 in. including frame and 24x24x24 in. for sculpture. Submission days for Small Works shows are the same as Main Gallery shows, unless otherwise noted. Gallery commission for work sold is 40%. If sold, works may be replaced during the exhibition, subject to the approval of the Gallery Director.

Juried shows are chosen solely at the discretion of the juror without bias or input from others. We work diligently to find highly qualified jurors. Jurors are respected art professionals including gallery owners, museum curators, college art professors, and art critics.

1) Juried shows are either juried from actual pieces of art brought to WAAM or by online submissions. Check our submission calendar for specific jurying information for each show including juror information and submission dates.

In the case of shows juried by actual pieces of art, an artist may submit only 1 piece to each show, unless otherwise stated in the show prospectus. If the work is composed of more than one separate element, a diagram clearly showing the proper display of the elements must be included with the submission; also the height/width/depth of the entire piece may not exceed maximum dimensions if such a restriction is listed in the submission calendar. In the case of sculptures, supports that are incorporated into the work will be considered as part of the work when measurement restrictions are in effect.

In the case of shows juried online, more than one work can be submitted. For example, FOCUS shows allow an artist to submit 5 jpgs of their work. Solo Show jurying, the FAR & WIDE National, and Radius 50 each have a specific number of jpgs that can be submitted. Information about each can be found in the show’s prospectus.

2) Work submitted must be in display condition. Framed works must be ready for hanging, wired so that the hanger doesn’t show with wire adequate for the weight of the piece. If a piece requires non-traditional hanging methods, prior notice to the Gallery Director is required. Please consult with the Gallery Director prior to submission day. Extremely fragile pieces, pieces with poorly secured elements, paint that is not yet dried, unstable frames or hanging supports, or loose glass will be disqualified automatically.

3) Only work by living artists may be submitted.

4) All members submitting work must provide a Resume or Artists Bio and an Artists Statement in digital format. This information will be available to gallery-goers for each show. Please send to info@woodstockart.org

5) Only original work may be submitted.

a) Giclee, digital or xerographic unaltered reproductions of works originally created in media other than digital formats or photography will not be considered.

b) Works consisting of wholesale appropriation of other artists’ images are not considered original art.

6) Works shown in previous juried shows at the WAAM may not be submitted for another juried WAAM show. Works that have been juried into a show at the WAAM may be submitted for non-juried shows and vice-versa.

7) Non-members living within a 50 mile radius of the WAAM may submit 1 work for any juried show if they pay a non-refundable $35 fee per show.

8) Submission dates, times, and deadlines are listed in the Submission Calendar. For shows juried by actual works brought to WAAM, art must be submitted between 12 and 6pm on the Monday before the exhibition’s opening, except as noted on the Submission Calendar. Artists may appoint a friend or other agent to drop-off and/or pick-up works if they are unable to do these tasks themselves. The agent or friend will need to sign for the works. If an artist or a proxy is unable to bring work to WAAM on Monday, work may be submitted on the preceding Sunday from 3pm-5pm with prior approval. Call WAAM ahead of time to make the necessary arrangements.

9) Notice of acceptance for shows juried from pieces bought to WAAM will be available by 5pm the Wednesday following submission date via e-mail and listing on WAAM’s website. Notifications to artists who have submitted to shows juried online will be sent via e-mail on the day listed in each show’s prospectus.

Artists accepted by online jurying should follow the drop off dates and procedures listed. Those accepted for FAR & WIDE National should follow the detailed shipping and return policies provided in the prospectus.  Please note that no other exhibition at WAAM allows shipping of work to or from our location.

10) Pick-up dates and times for actual works submitted at WAAM but not juried into a show are between 12 and 6pm the Thursday following submission. For works juried into an exhibition, please pick up work between 12 and 6pm the Monday following the close of the show. The WAAM does not have the capacity to store works not picked-up on the days specified. A storage fee of $5 per day will be assessed for each work that is not picked up on time. Please arrange to have someone else pick-up your art if you are not able to do so.

Pick-up dates and times for shows juried online, are listed in each show’s prospectus. Special rules apply to FAR & WIDE Nationals as noted above.

One of benefits of WAAM membership is the opportunity for a one-person exhibition in our solo gallery. Artists selected for Solo Shows have the opportunity to present a focused body of work making a significant statement of the issues and aesthetics that drive their practice. Submissions to Solo Shows take place each year in September for the following year’s schedule of exhibitions. A distinguished arts professional is invited each year to curate the annual selections.

Applications are open to all artists within a 50 mile radius of Woodstock. There is no fee for WAAM members. Non-members pay a $40 application fee. Artists selected for a solo show must have a paid-in-full WAAM membership within 30 days of notification of their acceptance. The $40 solo show application fee can applied toward the annual WAAM membership fee.

The WAAM has granted numerous awards to deserving artists, including a Juror’s Choice Award (each award named by a donor) for most exhibitions in the Main Gallery and the Founders’ Gallery. Additionally, the Sally Jacobs/Phoebe Towbin Award of $500, is given annually to recognize an artist who has consistently exhibited works of high merit at the WAAM. The WAAM also presents the annual Yasuo Kuniyoshi Award that recognizes outstanding achievement by an artist in his/her genre. WAAM also provides assistance to artists in financial need through the Sam Klein Fund. Additional awards in 2018 will include the Leilani Claire Award for Outstanding Photograph of the Year, the Mary Wilson Award for Outstanding Landscape or Still Life of the Year and the Robert Angeloch Award for Excellence in Printmaking. Awards for Far and Wide National include the Arthur Harris Best in Show Award $500 and the Nicholas Buhalis Award $500.


Catskill Art & Office Supply also funds the People’s Choice Award which is awarded in recognition of the artist receiving the most votes collected from visitors to monthly exhibitions in the Main Gallery.

1) The decision of the juror(s) is final and will not be influenced by WAAM Board members, staff or general members. The interpretation of the show theme is entirely the responsibility of the individual juror.

2) The presence of members of the Exhibition Committee during jurying from actual works is solely to facilitate the physical process, they are not part of the critical process.

As part of the WAAM’s commitment to promote the best in Woodstock art, the Exhibition Committee endeavors to compose a schedule of exhibitions- juried, non-juried and curated- that compliment our members’ talents and skills and challenges them to stretch their artistic boundaries. We serve artists fairly and impartially. We also present our community and visitors with fresh and exciting visual experiences throughout the season with thoughtful and clear displays.