Alexa Guevara on Yasuo Kuniyoshi’s Landscape

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Yasuo Kuniyoshi (1889-1953) Landscape, c.1921 Oil on Board 14 x 10 inches Gift of Sara Mazo Kuniyoshi Family Trust
“Yasuo Kuniyoshi’s work enticed viewers with his idiosyncratic style across several mediums. This painting is one of his earlier works where you can see the start of his approach. Upon first viewing this piece, it is instantly engaging through the feathery impressionist brushwork that draws the eye to the top of the canvas and back into the uptilted space. The muted colors give a sense of calmness to the inquisitive image. I was enticed further when learning about how he paints from both his memory and imagination. Kuniyoshi was a Japanese-American artist, and in Japan painting from memory is common. It’s curious to want to understand the accuracy of his memory and the extent of his imagination.”

Alexa Guevara

Alexa has just recently received her BFA in Photography with a minor in Art History from Suny New Paltz. She’s really interested in the tactility of art, photography in particular, and how we perceive touching artwork. Her focus recently has been motivated by the immigration process that she sees through her father. Curiosity has brought her this far and her work continues to grow and change.


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