Amanda Bogatka on Konrad Cramer’s Barns and Corner Porch

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Konrad Cramer Barns and Corner Porch, 1922 Oil and collage on board 24 x 30 inches Gift of Aileen B. Cramer and Margot Cramer Taylor 
Konrad Cramer, Barns and Corner Porch, 1922
“Konrad Cramer was a German-born American painter who lived from 1888-1963. With a reputation of being a radical-modernist, Cramer took to portraying local barns in his work during the earlier Woodstock art scene. Contrary to his other carefully crafted works, his 1922 painting Barns and Corner Porch featured a fragmented, painterly-collage style composition with kaleidoscopic shapes slightly overlapping abstractly. Rich in variation of texture, color temperature, and light, this piece explores a more geometric approach to creating form. The inclusion of a cloudy ambience near a rural setting leaves the viewer puzzled as to the painting’s whereabouts, but intrigued with its contents.”

Amanda Bogatka

Amanda Bogatka (b. 1998, age 22) is a photographer based in Guilderland, New York, who received her BFA in Photography from SUNY New Paltz in December 2020. Her work chronicles lifelong battles with mental illness, the pursuit of self-love, and family-based generational trauma through bookmaking, storytelling, and writing. She takes a special interest in gallery work, curation, bookmaking, and art criticism. She completed two internships with the Center for Photography at Woodstock in 2020. Currently, she serves as a School Photographer and a Photography Assistant with Lifetouch.


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