Active Members Show

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February 3 – March 11, 2018

Reception: Saturday, February 10, 4 – 6 PM


AWARDS: Shiho K. Rice, Sheila Getty Bloodgood Award $100
ES DeSanna, Holland Foster Award $100

Each year Active Members exhibit their talents in a vibrant group show displaying many different approaches to art making. Traditional landscape painters, rub shoulders with abstractionists, photographers hang their images next to watercolorists, sculptors explore space in three dimensions while painters deconstruct space in two. There are many gems to be found for art enthusiasts of every persuasion in this engaging exhibition.

WAAM is a member-based organization that presents an active schedule of exhibitions each year for artists residing within a 50 mile radius of Woodstock. Members are an integral part of the organization as exhibiting artists, volunteers and serving on the Board of Directors.

There are two levels of membership for artists, Associate or Active. For further information on Active member status click here.

Exhibiting Artists:
Gertrude Abramson
Jerilynn Babroff
Joan Barker
Irwin W. Berman
Miriam Bisceglia
Kristy Bishop
Bobby Blitzer
Jane Bloodgood-Abrams
Catherine Buchanan
Mernie Buchanan
Marty Carey
Dot Chast
Diane Christi
Marie Cole
Chris Collins
Maxine Davidowitz
Carol Davis
Penny Dell
Ron DeNitto
Freya DeNitto
ES DeSanna
Gina Dominique Hersey
Janet Lee Dow
Staats Fasoldt
Lynne Friedman
Angela Gaffney-Smith
Darcy Gerbarg
Ginnie Gardiner
Gail Giles

Judy Glasel
Scott Goldwyn
Jose Gomez
F.B. Goodwin
Bill Graulty
Katherine Gray
Tor Gudmundsen
Laura Gurton
Donna Heider Kaplan
Peter Heller
Jeff Helmuth
Pat Horner
Bennett Horowitz
Mary Katz
Pat Kelly
Lenny Kislin
John Kleinhans
Carole P. Kunstadt
Mary Licause
Cynthia Linden Carlaw
Annie-hannah Mancini
Maralyn Master
Barbara Masterson
Dan McCormack
Alan McKnight
Patrick Milbourn
Wilma Miller
Joy Moore
Susan Nagel
Joyce Nicol
Sandra Nystrom

Suzanne Parker
Lynn L Patterson
Carol Pepper-Cooper
Tracy Phillips
Elaine Ralston
Betsey Regan
Karen Riedener
Joe Reilly
Shiho K. Rice
Sharon Rousseau
Leah Rubenstein
Lucette Runsdorf
Sandra Scheuer
Michael Scudder
Janet Siskind
Marcia Slatkin
Susan Sprachman
Judy Stanger
Clara Steinzor
Carol Struve
Ken Tannenbaum
Robert Troxell
Karl J Volk
Claudia Waruch
Joyce Washor Saltzman
jd weiss
Karen Whitman
Marlene Wiedenbaum
Marcie Woodruff
Peg Wright

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