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Tad Wise talk: “The Maverick Colony: Brigadoon of the Catskills”

Sunday, October 9, 2 PM

Admission: $12/$8 Members

Hervey WhiteLecture on Hervey White with readings from his recently completed book, THE MAVERICK’S MAVERICK: Hervey White & The Soul of Woodstock. 

A good doctor never operates on their own child for fear that objective competence will be lost in that bloody theater of surgery. Citing similar logic, Tad Wise will argue in his first lecture at the Woodstock Artists Association & Museum on Oct 9 at 2 pm, that ever since Martin Schutze’s 1929 creation of the Historical Society of Woodstock, local historians have sought to “protect” their beloved town from too much truth about itself. For proof Wise will read from his just completed, full length biography of Hervey White, who the author calls “The Godfather of Modern Woodstock.” This will be the first time any portion of THE MAVERICK’S MAVERICK: Hervey White & The Soul of Woodstock will be made available to the public at large, to feature what Wise calls “that most righteous responsibility of History, itself.”


Tad WiseA native of Woodstock, Tad Wise is a journalist, songwriter, and novelist whose biography of Hervey White, THE MAVERICK’S MAVERICK: Hervey White & The Soul of Woodstock represents the first full-length portrait of this most mysterious “Godfather of Modern Woodstock.”

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