WAAM: Creating Spirit of Place
Discovering and Rediscovering the Permanent Collection
Through June 8
Opening Reception:  Saturday, February 7, 4-6pm

Spirit of place refers to the unique, distinctive and cherished aspects of a place; often those celebrated by artists and writers, but also those cherished in folk talesfestivals and celebrations. It is thus as much in the invisible weave of culture as it is the tangible physical aspects of a place…Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia.

In 2019 the Woodstock Artists Association & Museum will mark its 100th anniversary. As we approach this impressive milestone it is fitting to reflect on the evolution of this unique organization and its service as a regional art center, an exhibition space for artist members, as well as its significance as a small, but important American art institution.

Click here for a review of the exhibition by Tad Wise in the Woodstock Times.