Habitat for Artists @ WAAM

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What is HFA?

HFA is a collective project that uses the idea of the artist’s studio as a catalyst for mutual engagement between artists and communities. The “habitats” are small, temporary, 6’ by 6’ studios installed at a variety of locations: some highly visible to the local community; others, more unexpected venues for experiencing art or connecting with the process of artists engaging in creative work. HFA invites artists to work in these small, temporary studios. And while exploring their own creative process, the artists engage in active dialogues with a new audience from that location. The public, meanwhile, is invited into a new interaction and discussion about art, the artist’s role, as well as topics which are pertinent or relevant to that local community.

Announcing the 2018 HFA at WAAM Season

The Habitat For Artists studio returns to WAAM May 2 – July 29.

HFA at WAAM’s has hosted over thirty artist residencies over the past two seasons offering creative community projects as diverse as cartoon illustration, contemporary choreography, mosaics, home-made lens photography and printmaking.  The HFA at WAAM is proud to bring those from near and abroad to participate, learn and create together.

We are excited to announce the 2018 HFA at WAAM season and artists-in-residence. Stay tuned for more information about our 2018 HFA Calendar.

2018 HFA at WAAM Artists:
ES DeSanna
Elena Eshleman
Juan Giraldo

Laura Gomez
Anna Kell
Claire Lamb
Roger Lazoff
Barbara Loisch
Norm Magnusson
Dominique Robin
Miriam Romais
Shane Smith
Christine Stoddard